Mission, Vission and Mysticism


Our mission is to help people with disabilities and their families on the coast, mountains and isthmus of Oaxaca to improve their quality of life.


To build a social, inclusive and integral proposal in the local and national context, regarding the issues of disability, rurality and community.


• Achieve social inclusion of people with disabilities within their context.

• To ensure that people with disabilities have a decent life and are as independent as possible.

• Achieve that people with disabilities develop and strengthen their skills, and make use of them within their daily life and community.

• Generate awareness in society, promoting respect for people with and without disabilities.



Piña Palmera is a place with great diversity of people, which creates a particular and unique mysticism.In a natural way, a simple and warm work environment is created where there is sensitivity for each individual and an endeavor of always trying to act honestly and according to our values.Piña Palmera works without a hierarchical system, which promotes justice and social equity, based on the values ​​and rights of any human being.