¡May our differences enrich us all!

Piña Palmera Centro de Atención Infantil, A.C. is a legally established non-governmental organization (NGO) without any political or religious affiliation, which has been working with people with disabilities, most of them indigenous, for more than 30 years in rural communities in Oaxaca.

We work on the coast and mountain region of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico with the processes of rehabilitation and social inclusion, by sharing information, raising awareness, sensitization and capacity building. People of different ages and with different abilities and disabilities (physical, intellectual, hearing, visual and psychosocial) participate in our activities. We also work with people with language, learning and behavioral difficulties, along with their families. We work with all people, with all types of disability without concern for their ability to pay or their ethnicity.

We consider that working with people with disabilities is not a matter of kindness; it is a matter of recognizing their human rights. Extreme poverty and various social problems increase the challenges in our context. The central axis of our work is the respect of differences and the creation of an inclusive society.


Our efforts at Piña Palmera focus on changing the way that local people see people with disabilities, through activities that promote attitude changes at the family level, in schools and in the local communities.

We carry out activities to build the capacity of persons with disabilities to carry out their rehabilitation as part of their daily lives. This has allowed children and adults with disabilities to become included in their family and community life.

We are a legally constituted NGO with the right to extend tax deductible receipts to donors (in Mexico).

Since Piña Palmera was founded we have supported more than 5000 children and adults with different disabilities. There are currently 635 people participating in our activities (20% children, 35% young people, 35% adults, 10% older people).


We want to build a world where it is less difficult to love”
(Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator)