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Pina palmera - Help us

Hepling and Donations

Our Needs:

Rehabilitation equipment: 
Audiometer and Hearing aids 
Walkers for children and adults 
Crutches ("Canadian" type crutches that embraces the lower arm) in all sizes and extra rubber tips for the bottom of the crutch. 
Theraball (Bobath balls) 
Special spoons, forks, knifes, cups and plates for children and adults with severe disabilities (Muscular Dystrophic, Cerebral Palsy and Quadriplegia). 
Floating devices for children and adults 
Mobile hydraulic lift (costs around $1,100.00 USD.) 
Beltbuckles and Velcro ribbons, toys that makes sounds, Kay-walkers (also in children sizes), 
Materials to aid in the writing of Brail

Other equipment: 
Fire extinguishers medium size; 6 Kg. (they cost 600.00 pesos each in Oaxaca) 
Beds, sheets, pillows and towels. 
Electrical tools and equipment (voltmeter, cables, switches, contacts, etc.), solar panels. 
Carpentry tools(Router, Sander, Table saw, Scroll Saws, Scroll Saw Blades etc.) 
Garden tools(water pumps, wheel barrows, rakes, shovels, machetes, watering cans, garden hoses, etc.) 
Seeds: chile, radishes, eggplants, zuccini, basil, coriander (cilantro), cucumbers, Swiss chard 
Tools for maintenance of cars 
Kitchen ware: soup pots, large pans, plates, cups, knives, spoons, forks, shredders, cutlery, blenders, etc. 
School materials (small backpacks, pens, pencils, erasers, paper, crayons, paper glue, rulers, notebooks, children books in Spanish, etc.) 
Soccer and basketballs 
Pocket calculators 
One hundred fluorescent light bulbs, 15 watt or less (cost about $10 USD here) 
Video camera 

Medical Equipment:
Medical Instruments (clamps & pincers): 
Exploration kit ("equipo de exploración") 
A kit for exploring ears & throat 
Clamps to hold surgical needles 
Kelly clamps 
Dissection clamps (with and without "teeth") 
Hemostat clamps 
Uterine clamps 
Pozi clamps 
Vaginal "mirrors" (coldoscopios) 
Blood pressure meter (Baumanometer) 
Reflex hammer 
Cervical collars 
Material for daily use: 
Sterile gauze and compresses 
Surgical tape 
Elastic bandages 
Surgical gloves (latex) # 6.5, 7 & 8 
Catheter, with "balloon", for urin (Foley) #16 y 18 
Urine collection bags 
Casting material 
Plastic aprons 
Needles and equipment for intravenous solutions 
Sheets and towels

Other equipment:
Portable oxygen tanks 
Oxygen masks for adults and children 
One kit of Rush catheters (endotracheales) 
Material for suture: Vieryl, Dexon 
Portable stretcher 
Stretcher for moving patients from one bed to another 
Kit for electrofulguration 
Water mattresses 
Foam mattresses 
Dental office equipment 
Rehabilitation equipment: 
Wheel chairs 
Hearing aids 
Wheel chair cushions 
Diapers for children and adults 
Hospital bed with different positions 
An Ultrasound machine for physical therapy



Donations can be made to:

By mail directly:

C. A. I. Piña Palmera A.C. Apartado Postal 109,
C.P. 70900 POCHUTLA,

Telephone: +52 - 958 - 58 431 45 

In México DF to Flavia o Nayeli Anau:
Calle Nahuatlacas, Manzana 81, Lote 17
esquina con la calle Ixtlilxochitl, dos cuadras del Mercado de la Bola
Colonia Ajusco (junto a colonia Santo Domingo y cerca del parque Huayamilpas)
Delegación Coyoacan, México D.F Telephone and Fax: 0155-56180518

Direct deposit: Scotiabank Inverlat 044, Plaza: 094, Sucursal: 001, Pochutla, Oaxaca C.P. 70900, (Account number: 09400502588, code SWIFT: MBCOMXMM)

We thank you very much for your interest and support!