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Pina palmera - Contact

How can you contact us?

If you want to know more, write us to:

C.A.I. Piña Palmera A.C.
Apartado Postal 109

(Mail needs a long time sometimes – up to three months from Europe)

Our Email: (Flavia Anau) (Office)

Tel. (in the morning): +52.958.58 431 47 Fax 52.958.58 431 45
From Mexico City, you can call to: 01 55 – 56 18 05 18

Normally there is somebody in our office, but not always!

Visit us:

The closest airport is in Huatulco (Bahías de Huatulco), where you can go to daily from Mexico City and from other cities which provide Mexicana de Aviación or other, foreign flight companies. The airport is 40km from our Center (one hour by car).

Pochutla, the closest city, is 12km from Piña, and it takes about half an hour by car.

Puerto Angel is 5km from Zipolite.

Puerto Escondido is 70 km from here.

The City of Oaxaca is about 250km from Zipolite, but the journey takes about 5 to 7 hours, because the Sierra Madre has to be gone across.

You can also get to Pochutla by bus from Mexico City (Cristobal Colon or Estrella Blanca). The trip takes about 14 hours. Estrella Blanca is a little bit faster (13 hours instead of 15 hours with Cristobal Colon) and a little bit cheaper (April 2005, it was 430$, instead of 504$ with Cristobal Colon). Estrella Blanca departs from Central Sur Tasqueña, Cristobal Colon also, but as well from Central Oriente TAPO.

In Pochutla are public vans, collective taxis and taxis which go to Zipolite. Piña Palmera is located in the street to Mazunte, about 400 meters from the chapel in the center of Zipolite, in the corner between the street to Mazunte and the main road of the colony “Roca Blanca„.

If you have problems to find us, just ask the locals. The chauffeurs generally know us, too. But be careful, because where the buses stop are already taxis waiting, which charge very high prices.

it’s better to go to the center of Pochutla and to search there for a “camioneta„ to Zipolite (7 pesos to go from Pochutla to Zipolite) or a “colectivo„ (shared taxi where people get on and off permanently, 12 pesos to Zipolite).

A special taxi charges up to 100 pesos for the trip. To find the transports and the terminal, ask the locals in Pochutla. Everybody knows where it is.

C.A.I. Piña Palmera A.C.
Carretera Zipolite-Mazunte s/n
Playa Zipolite, Puerto Ángel, 
Pochutla, Oaxaca